Canada’s cannabis

Our UP20™ promise. From one bud to another, our flower is 20% THC or higher. Every time.

We make this promise to you because buds don’t let buds down. So, come on by and see what we’re about. We’re working hard to make sure you are proud of what we do.

Things are looking up.

Cold Creek Kush UP20TM

A dark green indica flower, characterized by rich trichome density and amber pistils at maturity. Perfect for hanging around a lazy river or cooking UP a mouthwatering meal.

Ghost Train Haze UP20TM

Ghost Train Haze is a heavy-hitting sativa known for its fluffy, bright green buds and dense, frosty trichome coverage. Its venerable genetics are known for potency, so conduct yourself accordingly (yes, that was a train pun.)

Northern Berry UP20TM

A cross of the famous Northern Lights and Blueberry strains, this beautiful indica flower is deep green with purple marbling and orange pistils at maturity. Northern Berry is perfect for staring UP at your favourite constellations in the night sky. Maybe even the Northern Lights, if you’re lucky.