Paradise Sativa Cannabis

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Pre-Rolled Joints

Argentia Gold: WindJammer 5 x 0.5g19.9% THC$25.00
Aurora: Sativa Aces 2 x .05g
17% THC
Aurora: Sativa Aces 5 x 0.5g
17.0% THC
Broken Coast: Galiano 1 x 0.5g17%THC$7.25
DNA Genetics: Chocolate Fondue 5 x 0.5g21% THC$25.99
Edison: La Strada 3 x 0.5g
17% THC
Edison: Limelight 3 x 0.5g
20% THC$19.18
Eve & Co: The Boss 5 x 0.5g
14.1% THC$17.99
Houseplant: Sativa 2 x 0.5g20% THC$10.99
Houseplant: Sativa 5 x 0.5g20% THC$25.99
Legend: Sativa 3 x 0.75g15.5% THC$22.89
San Rafael: Delahaze 3 x 0.5g18% THC$16.99
Solei: Free 1 x 0.5g18% CBD $5.75
Trailblazer: Spark Stix 1 x 0.5g
15.4% THC
Twd. Sativa 12 x 0.5g20% THC$29.99


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

Aurora: Sativa Capsules 10pk4.0mg THC$13.93
Edison: Sativa Oil 25ml10.3mg/ml THC$23.47
Houseplant: Grapefruit
Carbonated Beverage 355ML
2.5mg THC$4.99
RIFF: Sunday Special Oral Spray26.06mg THC/mg$29.99
Solei: Gather 15ml Oil25 mg/ML$21.99
Tokyo Smoke: Go Dark Milk Chocolate Bar
10mg THC
Twd. Sativa Oil 20ml
25mg THC
Twd.: Sativa + Strawberry Gummies2mg x 5 pieces$4.49
Tweed: Deep Space
Carbonated Beverage
10mg THC$7.99
Tweed: Houndstooth & Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar
10mg THC$4.99
Tweed: Houndstooth and Soda
2mg THC$3.99
Tweed: Houndstooth Capsules 15 x 2.5mg
2.5mg THC
Tweed: Houndstooth Capsules 15 x 10mg
10mg THC
Tweed: Houndstooth Oil 20ml
25mg THC

Single Grams

Solei: Free.7% THC / 15.9% CBD$8.50
Tweed: C-Land (Houndstooth)20% THC$8.99

3.5 Grams

7ACRES: Jack Haze
20% THC
7ACRES: Jean Guy
18% THC
*NEW* Edison: M'mosa17% THC$32.49
Aurora: Ghost Train Haze18% THC$36.89
Broken Coast: Denman19.7% THC$43.46
DNA: Chocolate Fondue
21% THC
Doja: C9921% THC$32.99
Doja: Dream24% THC$32.99
Edison: La Strada
18% THC
Edison: Limelight
20% THC
Edison: Rio Bravo20% THC$27.99
FIGR: Mandarin Cookies22% THC$29.99
FIGR: Mmmosa18.4% THC$29.99
Haven St.: No. 516 Sonic Express22% THC$32.36
HEXO: Helios15.9% THC$21.99
Highland Grow: Animal Crasher20% THC$37.99
Highland Grow: Sensi Wizard23% THC$39.99
Houseplant: Sativa
20% THC
LBS: Ocean View12% THC$29.99
MTL: Sage & Sour22% THC$28.99
Riff: Sunday Special16.8% THC$26.99
Riff: Sweet Jersey 3
17% THC $26.99
Solei: Free18% CBD $24.99
Solei: Gather17% THC / 0.05% CBD$24.99
TGOD: Organic Sugar Bush21.7% THC$33.99
Tokyo Smoke: Go
19% THC
Tweed: Green Cush21% THC$26.99
UP!: Ghost Train Haze20% THC$29.99

5 Grams

None available

7 Grams

Argentia Gold: Windjammer19% THC$63.00
7ACRES: Jack Haze
20% THC
7ACRES: Jean Guy
18% THC
DNA: Chocolate Fondue21% THC$62.99
Doja: C9921% THC $61.50
Edison: Limelight21% THC$54.99
Edison: Rio Bravo
16.3% THC
Houseplant: Sativa20% THC$69.99
Solei: Free18% CBD$44.99
Sugarleaf: Bloom - Milled14.6% THC$36.99
Trailblazer: Spark Buds15.5% THC$39.95
Twd. Sativa
20% THC$33.99
Tweed: Green Cush
21% THC

10-15 Grams

Bingo!: Sativa14% THC$59.99
Coastal Connections: Rock the Boat19% THC$84.99
Dealers Pick: Sativa15%THC$69.99
Edison: Rio Bravo20% THC$119.99
Good Supply: Dealer's Pick15.3% THC$93.99
Good Supply: Jack Herer17% THC$93.99
Trailblazer: Spark Buds15.5% THC$71.30

28 Grams

Big Bag Of Buds: Ultra Sour21% THC$143.48
Buds: Blueberry x Haze17.5% THC
Twd. Sativa
20% THC$114.99
Twd: Blue Dream18%$114.99
Twd: Apple Pie18%$114.99
Daily Special: Sativa16.5% THC$119.99
Bingo!: Sativa15.9% THC$99.99
Simple Stash: Sativa15% THC$98.00

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.