Paradise Indica Cannabis

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Pre-Rolled Joints

Ace Valley: Kosher Kush 3 x 0.5g18% THC$17.50
Argentia Gold: Darkest Side Of The Moon 5 x 0.5g23% THC$25.00
Argentia Gold: Lemon Pepper Spice 5 x 0.5g22% THC$25.00
Broken Coast: Gabriola 1 x 0.5g17% THC$7.25
Edison: GMO Cookies 3 x 0.5g24.7% THC$19.18
Edison: I.C.C. 3 x 0.5g21.5% THC$19.54
Edison: Slurricaine 3 x 0.5g18% THC$19.54
Emerald: Durga Mata 5 x 0.5g20% THC$22.05
FIGR: Afghan Kush 3 x 0.5g18% THC$17.49
Gage: Gelato 1 x 1g26% THC$13.89
Gage: Gelato 3 x 0.5g26% THC$18.77
Good Supply Dealer’s Pick Indica 1 x 1g
20% THC$8.95
Houseplant: Indica 2 x 0.5g
16% THC
Legend: Indica 3 x 0.75g16.9% THC$22.89
Namaste: MK Ultra 3 x 0.5g18.7% THC$12.99
Reef Organic: Coastal Kush 3 x 0.5g20.2% THC$19.99
Reef Organic: Sky Cuddler 3 x 0.5g18.8% THC$19.99
Riff: Raider Kush 7 x 0.5g19%THC$31.37
Riff: Subway Scientist 7 x 0.5g22.3% THC$29.99
San Rafael: Pink Kush 3 x 0.5g20% THC$16.99
Spinach: Blueberry 1 x 1g17.8% THC$10.49
Spinach: Rockstar Kush 1 x 1g19.4% THC$10.49
Sugarleaf: Sensi Star 3 x 0.5g
16% THC
Tweed: Afghan Kush 10 x 0.35g21% THC$28.99


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

Aurora Drift: Grape Oasis Indica Soft Chews
10mg (2.5mg x 4 pcs)$5.99
San Rafael: Blaspberry Indica Soft Chews
10mg (2.5mg x 4 pcs)$6.99
San Rafael: Watermelon Indica Soft Chews10mg (5mg x 2 pcs)$6.99
TGOD: Dissolvable THC Powder
10mg THC
Tokyo Smoke: Pause Dark Milk Chocolate Bar
10mg THC $5.99
Twd. Indica Oil 20ml
25mg/ml THC
Tweed: Argyle Capsules 15 x 10mg
10mg THC / 12mg CBD
Tweed: Bakerstreet & Ginger 355ml Beverage
2mg THC
Tweed: Bakerstreet & Peppermint Milk Chocolate Bar
10mg THC
Tweed: Bakerstreet Capsules 15 x 2.5mg
2.5mg THC
Tweed: Bakerstreet Oil 20ml
25mg/ml THC
Veryvell: Yawn THC Oil 30ML14.7mg/ml THC$60.86
Tweed: Bakerstreet Capsules15 x 10mg$24.99

Single Grams

Argentia Gold Lemon Pepper Spice22.5% THC$10.99
Highland Grow: White Lightning24.6% THC$12.13

3.5 Grams

Reef Organic: Coastal Kush26% THC$40.99
Gage: Gelato25.7% THC$45.89
Highland Grow: Gaelic Fire23.1% THC$42.49
LBS: Sunset
23% THC
Reef Organic: Sky Cuddler23% THC$40.99
Doja: Sour Kush23%$32.99
Argentia Gold: Lemon Pepper Spice22.5%THC$35.00
*NEW*Artisan Batch : KRFT Unicorn Sherbert 22.3% THC$46.99
Edison: GMO Cookies22.3% THC$36.68
Edison: I.C.C (Ice Cream Cake)22.2% THC$36.99
UP!: Northern Berry
22.2% THC$29.99
Doja: Elation 22% THC$32.99
Indi: Skyway Kush21.9% THC$29.49
7ACRES Craft Collective: Black Cherry Punch21.7% THC$37.99
7ACRES: Sensi Star
21% THC
Crooked Dory Reserve : Sunset Sherbert X GSC 21% THC$34.99
DNA: Kosher Kush
21% THC
San Rafael: Pink Kush21% THC$33.00
TGOD: Organic Fire21% THC$30.99
TGOD: Organic L.A. Con 21% THC$29.99
TGOD: Organic Rockstar Tuna21% THC$29.99
Ness: Black Cherry Punch 20.9% THC$29.99
FIGR: Black Cherry Punch20.8% THC$29.99
UP: Cold Creek Kush20.3% THC$29.99
Broken Coast: Savary20% THC$43.46
Edison: Black Cherry Punch20% THC$36.99
Haven St.: No. 421 Twilight20% THC$32.36
Haven St.: No. 425 Midnight Jam20% THC$32.36
Highland Grow: Eastern Dank20% THC$42.49
Highly Dutch: Rotterdam20% THC$24.99
Riff: Subway Scientist20% THC$26.99
Tweed: Afghan Kush
20% THC
Tweed: Hindu Kush
20% THC
Broken Coast: Quadra
19.4% THC$43.46
7ACRES: Wappa 4919% THC$34.78
Eve & Co.: The Enthusiast
19% THC$22.99
Edison: Slurricane18.8% THC$27.99
Riff: Blue Ninety Eight
18.5% THC$26.99
Broken Coast: Frost Monster
18.3% THC$43.46
FIGR: Afghan Kush18.1% THC$29.99
Highland Grow: Cold Creek Kush18% THC$34.77
Argentia Gold: Critical Kush17.5% THC$31.45
Delta 9: Lava Cake16% THC$25.38
Coastal Connection: Ocean Mist14% THC$24.99

5 Grams

None Available

7 Grams

Argentia Gold: California Dreaming
18.8% THC$63.00
Argentia Gold: Lemon Pepper Spice22% THC$63.00
Aurora: LA Confidential
15.7% THC
DNA: Kosher Kush21% THC$62.99
Highland Grow: Eastern Dank20% THC$69.99
Houseplant: Indica
20% THC
LBS: Sunset
23% THC
Original Stash: Reserve Indica23.2% THC$47.99
OS. Indica18% THC$33.99
San Rafael: Pink Kush20.8% THC$63.50
Trailblazer: Flicker Buds16.6% THC$36.09
Twd. Indica
20% THC
Tweed: Afghan Kush
21% THC
Tweed: Hindu Kush
20% THC
Wild Cove Smoke: Sting20.9% THC$74.95

10-15 Grams

Coastal Connection: East Coast Drift17.4% THC$84.99
Crooked Dory Reserve : Sunset Sherbert X GSC 21% THC$89.99
Emerald Health: Durga Mata18.9% THC$65.00
Highly Dutch: Rotterdam21.4% THC$76.99
San Rafael: Pink Kush20.8% THC$128.99
Trailblazer: Flicker Buds15.8% THC$76.49

28 Grams

Argentia Gold: Critical Kush 18% THC$119.99
Twd. 28 Indica
20% THC$114.99
Simple Stash: Indica15% THC$98.00
Stash City: Wappa16% THC$109.99
Stash City: Cold Creek Kush18% THC $109.99
Highly Dutch: Rotterdam21.7% THC$114.99
Buds: Critical Mass x Black Domina 15.9% THC$143.48
Legend: Indica 20% THC$119.96
Original Stash: O.S. Indica19% THC$104.99

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.