Paradise Hybrid Cannabis

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Pre-Rolled Joints

Ace Valley: Great White Shark 3 x 0.5g5.2% THC / 12% CBD$17.50
Delta 9: Twist 2 x 0.5g17% THC$8.70
Edison: MAC-1 (3 x 0.5g)21.5% THC$19.18
Eve & Co.: The Confidant 5 x 0.5g17.3% THC$17.99
Eve & Co.: The Lover 5 x 0.5g17.9% THC$17.99
Figr CBD Shark 3 x 0.5g7% THC
12% CBD
HiWay 24K 1 x 0.5g14.9% THC$4.31
HiWay Killer Queen 1 x 0.5g15% THC$4.31
Namaste: Lemon Zkittlz (3 x 0.5g)19% THC$15.99
Namaste: Strawberry Glue (3 x 0.5g)19% THC$15.99
San Rafael: Growers Stash #002 (3 x 0.5g)19% THC$16.99
Solei: Balance 1 x 0.5g
7% THC / 13% CBD $5.75
Spinach: Wedding Cake 1 x 1g18.6% THC$10.25
Twd. Balance 1 x 1g8% THC / 8% CBD$6.99
Tweed: Skunk Haze 3 x 0.5g8% THC / 7% CBD$12.99


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

Edison: 5:5 Oil 25ml
5.19mg THC / 4.82mg CBD
Edison: CBD Oil 25ml
0.7mg THC / 10.1mg CBD
Edison: Hybrid Oil 25ml
10.7mg THC
Emerald Health: Sync 15 CBD Oil 20ML>1mg THC/ 15mg CBD$15.99
Emerald Health: Sync 25 CBD Oil 20ml
0.9mg THC / 25.1mg CBD
Emerald Health: Sync 100 CBD 20ml2.8mg THC / 100.9mg CBD$82.60
FIGR: Go Chill THC Oil 30ML20mg/g THC$44.99
FIGR: Go Easy CBD Oil 30ML10mg/g CBD / 1.5mg/g THC$28.99
FIGR: No. 1 - Craft Oil 30ml
6.07mg THC / 6.52mg CBD
Solei: Gather Oral Spray 15ml
25.44mg THC
Solei: Balance Plus 30ml14.6mg THC
15.35mg CBD
Solei: Free Plus 30mL1.18mg THC / 29.32mg CBD$39.99
Solei: Renew CBN Oil 30ml
10.2mg THC / 0.38mg CBD
Twd. Balanced Oil 20ml
10mg THC / 10mg CBD
Tweed: Penelope Oil 20ml
25mg THC / 18mg CBD
Veryvell: Exhale CBD Oil 30ml14mg/g CBD$60.86
Veryvell: Tingle Balanced Oil 30ML7.2mg/g THC / 7.8mg/g CBD$60.86
Daily Special: CBD Capsules (30 pack)2.4mg/g THC / 3.6 mg/g CBD$31.54
Tweed: CBD Capsules 30 x 10mg10mg THC$32.99
Tweed: CBD Capsules 15 x 20mg
20mg THC
Tweed: Penelope Capsules 15 x 2.5mg
2.5mg THC / 1.75 mg CBD
Aurora: Soft Baked Chocolate Cookies 2x 5mg THC Cookies$10.75
Edison: Byte-Milk Chocolate 2 Pack
2 x 5mg THC$11.99
Edison: Byte-Milk Chocolate Truffle Gingerbread 2 Pack
2 x 5mg THC$10.99
Edison: Byte-Milk Chocolate 1 Pack
10mg THC$5.99
Ripple Gummies: Blood Orange2 x 5mg THC$7.82
Haven St.: No. 150 Peace Tea Bag
20mg CBD / 1mg THC$5.99
Haven St.: No. 350
Focus Tea
5mg THC/ 10mg CBD$5.99
Haven St.: No. 450 Drift Tea Bag
10mg CBD / 5mg THC$5.99
Haven St.: No. 550 Rise Tea Bag
10mg THC / 1mg CBD$5.99
House of Terpenes: Myrcene Tonic 355ml5mg THC/ 5mg CBD$6.95
Little Victory: Blood Orange 355ml2.5mg THC/ 2.5mg CBD$5.24
Little Victory: Dark Cherry 355ml2.5mg THC/ 2.5mg CBD$5.24
Little Victory: Dry Grapefruit 355ml2.5mg THC/ 2.5mg CBD$8.69
Mollo 5 355ml5mg THC/ 5mg CBD$5.21
Mollo 5 Lime 355ml5mg THC
5mg CBD
mXg: Citrus 236ml10mg THC$7.82
mXg: Mango Pineapple 236ml10mg THC$7.82
mXg: Tropical Fruit 236ml10mg THC$7.82
mXg: Watermelon 236ml10mg THC$7.82
Veryvell: Lemon Black Iced Tea 355ML2.5mg THC
2.5mg CBD
Veryvell: Strawberry & Hibiscus Drink 355ML15mg CBD$5.21

Single Grams

BeeHighVE: Captain Cooked15%$11.99
BeeHighVE: CBeeD11% CBD$11.50
BeeHighVE: Newfie Bullet17% THC$11.50
Highland Grow: Cherry Burst
23% THC$12.13

3.5 Grams

7ACRES: White Widow
17% THC
BeeHighVE: Bee Bomb16% THC$33.79
BeeHighVE: Vinland Diesel 18% THC$34.95
BH! NewBee 10% THC / 2% CBD$24.40
Broken Coast: Saturna
25% THC$43.46
Delta 9: Growers Private Stash22.9% THC$26.83
Delta 9: Headbanger16% THC$25.38
Delta 9: Kali Mist16% THC$22.84
Delta 9: Lava Cake 16% THC$25.38
Delta 9: Sinaloa Gold20% THC$25.38
Delta 9: Whiteout16% THC$25.38
DNA: Lemon Skunk17% THC$33.99
Edison: Chemdog18.5% THC$27.99
Emerald: Black Widow 16.9% THC$31.50
Emerald: Grapefruit GG1`17.9% THC$31.50
Eve & Co.: The Free Spirit16% THC$22.99
Fresh: Alien Cookies 20% THC$49.99
Haven St.: No. 418 Big Dipper
20% THC$32.36
Highland Grow: Cherry Burst24% THC$39.99
Namaste: Lemon Zkttlz20% THC$30.99
Namaste: Strawberry Glue21.1% THC$30.99
Ness: Chocolate Cheesecake 21% THC$29.00
Ness: Lemon Berry20% THC$29.00
Ness: Mint Sour21.3% THC$29.00
Riff: Hell Cat 3320% THC$29.99
San Rafael: Growers Stash #002 (Crystal Kush)24% THC$32.65
Solei: Balance5.9% THC / 9.4% CBD$24.99
Twd. Balanced
8% THC / 8% CBD
Tweed: Skunk Haze10% THC, 7% CBD$26.99
Wild Cove Smoke: Sting20.9% THC$39.95

5 Grams

None Available

7 Grams

Delta 9: Electric Punch20% THC$57.90
Delta 9: Grower's Private Stash 22.9% THC $48.29
Delta 9: Lava Cake16% THC$46.69
Highland Grow: Mendo Sunset21% THC$69.99
Spinach: White Widow19.2% THC$54.95
Wild Cove Smoke: Sting20% THC$74.95

10-15 Grams

14G Hi-Way AAA17% THC$60.84
15G BeeHIVE: Beediesel15.3% THC$89.90
15G BeeHIVE: NewBee 10.7% THC$89.90
15G BeeHIVE: Vinland Diesel19.5% THC$129.99
15G Crooked Dory: Strawberry Cough OG22% THC$66.99

28 Grams

Hi-Way: AAA 18% THC$113.03
Original Stash: 21016% THC$123.99

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.