Deer Lake Sativa Cannabis

In accordance with provincial directives, we are practicing social distancing measures while accepting walk-ins and phone orders. To order by phone call us at 709-635-5447. Please see below for an overview of our current available product.


Pre-Rolled Joints

Tweed Houndstooth 1 x 1g
20% THC
Aurora THC Sativa Aces 5 x 0.5g
17.10 % THC
Emerald Heath Critical Kali Mist 3 x 0.5g
16.84% THC
Emerald Heath Island Honey 3 x 0.5g
13.9% THC
Twd. Sativa 1 x 1g
20% THC$9.49
Dealers Pick Sativa 1 x 1g17.6% THC$8.95
Ace Valley OG Melon 3 x 0.5g16.29% THC$17.50
Houseplant Sativa 5 x 0.5g20% THC$35.99
Tokyo Smoke Go 4 x 0.5g20% THC$23.99
The General 3 x 0.5g19.5% THC$16.99
Chocolate Fondue 5 x 0.5g21% THC$29.9


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

Aurora THC Sativa Oil Drops 30ml
25.5mg THC
Twd. Sativa Oil Spray 20ml
25mg THC / <1mg CBD
Aurora Drift Sea Salt & Caramel Milk Chocolate 10mg
10mg THC
Tweed Houndstooth & Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar 10mg

10mg THC
Houseplant Grapefruit 355ml2.5mg THC$4.99
Haven St. No. 550 Rise Tea Bag10mg THC / <1mg CBD$5.99
Aurora Drift Chocolate Caramel Half Spheres10mg$13.81
Tweed Houndstooth & Soda 355ml10mg THC$3.99

Single Grams

20% THC
La Strada
19.5% THC
Rio Bravo
18.3% THC
Chocolate Fondue21% THC$12.17

3.5 Grams

Galiano17.4% THC$42.89
Chocolate Fondue
21% THC
Rio Bravo
17.6% THC
The General20.8% THC$32.49
Sweet Jersey 3
17.01% THC
DT8117.77% THC$30.00
Dealer’s Pick Sativa
16.97% THC
The Free Spirit
18.08% THC
Daily Special Sativa
15.3% THC
Sunday Special16.8% THC$30.00
Ghost Train Haze18.4% THC$36.89

5 Grams

None Available

7 Grams

Chocolate Fondue21% THC$72.49
7ACRES Jack Haze
20.24% THC$65.20
Rio Bravo
17.5% THC
Twd. Sativa20% THC$47.99
Daily Special Sativa
16.5% THC

14 Grams

None Available

15 Grams

Twd. Sativa
20% THC
Spark Buds17.9% THC$71.60
Daily Special Sativa16.5% THC$69.99
Dealer’s Pick Sativa20.6% THC$93.99
Jack Herer17.06% THC$93.99
BINGO Sativa16.08% THC$60.86

28 Grams

Twd. 28 Sativa
20% THC
Blueberry x Haze17.2% THC$143.48
Good Supply Jean Guy18.97% THC$130.99
Daily Special Sativa16.5% THC$119.99
BINGO Sativa15.90% THC$104.34

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.