Deer Lake Sativa Cannabis

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Pre-Rolled Joints

Argentia Gold Foggy Daze 3 x 0.5g
24.04% THC
Argentia Gold Lemon Drop 3 x 0.5g20.6% THC$14.55
Argentia Gold Sunday Best 3 x 0.5g22.1% THC$11.93
Argentia Gold- Windjammer 3 x 0.5g22.93% THC$16.99
Argentia Gold Windjammer 5 x 0.5g22.93% THC$25.00
Aurora Daily Special Sativa 7 x 0.3g20% THC$13.63
Aurora THC Sativa Aces 5 x 0.5g
20% THC
BeeHighVe Captain Cooked 3 x 0.5g21.6% THC$17.39
Edison Limelight 3 x 0.5g18.6% THC$19.54
Eve & Co. The Boss 5 x 0.5g14.4% THC
FIGR Kali Mist 3 x 0.5g18.9%THC$16.99
FIGR Mandarin Cookies 3 x 0.5g20.1% THC$16.99
Good Supply Jean Guy 7 x 0.5g19.58% THC$26.99
Highland Grow Sensi Wizard 3x 0.5g25.3% THC $17.38
Reef High Seas 3 x 0.5g21.4% THC $19.99
Solei Free 3 x 0.33g0.6% THC / 16.66% CBD$11.30
Spinach Blue Dream 1 x 1g15.9% THC$10.49
Sugarleaf Jack Haze 3 x 0.5g 12.4% THC$11.99
Sugarleaf Jean Guy 3 x 0.5g12.3% THC$11.99
Twd. Sativa 12 x 0.5g19.1% THC$29.99


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

Aurora Drift Raspberry Gummies 4 x 2.5mg10mg THC
Aurora THC Sativa Oil Drops 30ml25.5mg THC
Deep Space EXPRESS Deep Space Soft Chew 1 x 10mg10mg THC$7.50
Deep Space EXPRESS Limon Splashdown Soft Chew 1 x 10mg10mg THC$7.50
Deep Space Limon Splashdown 222ml10mg THC$7.50
Edison Jolts Freshly Minted Lozenges 10 x 10mg100mg THC$19.99
Houseplant Grapefruit 355ml 4 x 2.5mg Pack2.5mg THC$17.99
Houseplant Lemon 355ml 4 x 2.5mg Pack2.5mg THC$17.99
Pura Vida Sativa Daybreak Honey Oil Drops20mg THC$23.47
Pura Vida Sativa Daybreak Honey Oil Drops30mg THC$30.43
Reef Surge Oil 25ml21.33mg THC$39.99
San Rafael Pineapple Sativa Soft Chews 4 x 2.5mg10mg THC$6.99
SHRED Sour Megamleon Gummies 2 x 5mg10mg THC$4.99
Spinach Strawberry Mango Sativa SOURZ 5 x 2mg10mg THC$5.99
Tweed Deep Space 255ml10mg THC$7.49
Tweed Houndstooth & Soda 355ml2mg THC$3.99
Tweed Houndstooth Capsules 15 x 2.5mg2.5mg THC
Tweed Houndstooth Capsules 15 x 10mg10mg THC$24.99
Tweed Raspberry Iced Tea 355ml5mg THC$5.50

Single Grams

Highland Grow Sensi Wizard25.9% THC$12.13
Namaste Ultra Sour23% THC$8.99

3.5 Grams

7ACRES Jack Haze
18.76% THC
Argentia Gold Windjammer22.93% THC$35.00
Broken Coast Galiano24.48% THC$43.46
FIGR Kali Mist21.7% THC$29.99
FIGR Mandarin Cookies22.1% THC$29.99
Haven St. Noisy Neighbour20.1% THC $32.36
Namaste Ultra Sour19.7% THC$30.99
Ness Lemon Berry21.38% THC$34.77
The Green Organic Dutchmen Sugar Bush22.9% THC$30.99
UP20 Ghost Train Haze21.8% THC$29.99

5 Grams

None Available

7 Grams

7ACRES Jack Haze20.9% THC$53.99
Aurora Daily Special Lemon Haze
20% THC
Delta 9 Headbanger18.4% THC$46.69
Delta 9 House Sativa15.75% THC$42.12
Delta 9 Stargazer15.08% THC$44.06
San Rafael Delahaze21.1% THC$63.50

10-15 Grams

Argentia Gold Sunday Best 15g22.1% THC$68.72
Aurora Daily Special Lemon Haze 15g20% THC$73.99
Good Supply Dealer’s Pick Sativa 15g15.8% THC$69.99

28 Grams

BINGO Sativa15.92% THC$99.99
Eve Sativa Blend16.32% THC$98.00
Good Supply Dealer's Pick Sativa19.7% THC$119.99
Good Supply Jean Guy20.74% THC$130.99
Legend Sativa 17.2% THC$119.96
Twd. 28 Sativa
20% THC

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.