Deer Lake Indica Cannabis

In accordance with provincial directives, we are practicing social distancing measures while accepting phone orders. To order by phone call us at 709-635-5447. Please see below for an overview of our current available product.


Pre-Rolled Joints

Coastal Connection 99's 9 x 0.5g9.9% THC$25.20
Ace Valley Kosher Kush 3 x 0.5g
20.7% THC$17.50
Houseplant Indica 2 x 0.5g
15.9% THC
LBS Sunset 1 x 1g
16.9% THC
FIGR No. 14 - Sour Lemon Kush 1 x 1g
18.7% THC
FIGR No. 17 - WAPPA 1 x 1g
18.5% THC
Bakerstreet 1 x 1g20% THC$11.49
Twd. Indica 1 x 1g
20% THC
Solei Unplug 1 x 0.5g
18.94% THC
Trailblazer Flicker 1 x 0.5g
16.4% THC
LBS Sunset 5 x 0.5g23% THC$31.49
Trailblazer Kushmas Stix 1 x 0.5g16.4% THC$5.44
Eve & Co. The Dreamer 5 x 0.5g20.91% THC$17.99
Coastal Connection Lighthouse Indica Pre-Roll 5 x 0.5g13.1% THC$17.39
San Rafael Pink Kush 3 x 0.5g18% THC$18.18
FIGR Black Cherry Punch 3x0.5g24.1% THC$16.99
FIGR Afghan Kush
18.2% THC$16.99


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

LBS Sunset Capsules 15 x 2.5mg
2.5mg THC
Twd. Indica Oil Spray 20ml
26.3mg THC / <1mg CBD
Tokyo Smoke Pause Dark Milk Chocolate Bar 10mg
10mg THC
TGOD Dissolvable THC Powder 10mg
10mg THC
Sunday Special Oil Spray 15ml
24.55mg THC / 0.27mg CBD
Tweed Argyle Capsules 15 x 10mg
10mg THC / 12mg CBD
Tweed Bakerstreet & Peppermint Milk Chocolate Bar 10mg
10mg THC
Tweed Bakerstreet & Ginger Beverage 355ml
2mg THC
San Rafael Blaspberry Indica Soft Chews 4 x 2.5mg10mg THC$6.99
Haven St. No 450 Drift Tea Bag5mg THC / 10mg THC$5.99
Tweed Argyle Capsules 15 x 2.5mg2.5mg THC / 3mg CBD$11.99
Tweed Bakerstreet Capsules 15 x 10mg10mg THC$24.99

Single Grams

FIGR No. 10 - Sensi Star
16.2% THC
20% THC
Sunset23% THC$11.49
Eastern Dank20.5% THC$12.13

3.5 Grams

17.06% THC
Twd. Indica
20% THC
Sweet Tartan
17.6% THC
17.25% THC
Raider Kush
22.17% THC
Broken Coast - Quadra19.4% THC$42.89
Pause15.3% THC
MK Ultra14.4% THC
Lola Montes14.4% THC
LBS Sunset23% THC$36.99
LA Confidential 16.1% THC
Houseplant Indica21% THC
Highlands 20% THC
Hawaii Heartbreak17.17% THC
Haven St. No. 417 Indigo Daze20.36% THC$32.36
Broken Coast - Gabriola17.6% THC$42.89
Flicker Buds
17.3% THC
FIGR No. 17 - WAPPA18.1% THC
Edison El Dorado17.2% THC
East Coast Drift16.8% THC$24.99
Dealer’s Pick Indica15.7% THC
Casablanca16.6% THC
Bakerstreet20% THC
7ACRES Sensi Star19.68% THC
Durga Mata19% THC$29.99
No. 419 Couch Surf15.85% THC$32.36
HEXO Nebula16.4% THC$19.99
Blue Ninety Eight18.5% THC$30.00
Broken Coast - Savary20.7% THC$42.89
GG #419.61% THC$33.99
Rotterdam Indica19.27% THC$26.99
Rockstar Tuna19.4% THC$33.99
Eastern Dank20.5% THC$42.49
Broken Coast - Sonora19% THC$42.89
Blue Venom11.28% THC$21.29
Delta 9 OG Kush16.12% THC$21.29
90's OG Kush19.58% THC$29.99
Haven St. No. 425 Midnight Jam20.12% THC$32.36
Northern Berry UP2022.38% THC$29.99
Edison I.C.C22.2% THC$36.68
Edison Slurricane18.8% THC $32.49
UP20 Cold Creek Kush20.38% THC$29.99

5 Grams

Simple Stash15% THC$20.99

7 Grams

LA Confidential
15.7% THC
Twd. Indica
20% THC
By The Bay14.6% THC$45.99
Flicker Buds17.3% THC$36.09
MK Ultra18.2% THC$59.99
Delta 9 OG Kush18.75% THC$38.32
Blue Venom11.28% THC$38.32
Hawaii Heartbreak17.77% THC$56.50

10-15 Grams

Flicker Buds16.6% THC$71.60
Daily Special Indica
15.3% THC
Twd. Indica
20% THC
BINGO Indica15.5% THC$60.86
Simple Stash Indica 10g15% THC$39.99

28 Grams

Twd. 28 Indica20% THC$124.99
Daily Special Indica15.2% THC$119.99
Stash City Wappa 16.4% THC$119.99
Critical Mass x Black Domina15.9% THC$143.48
Legend Indica17.7% THC$119.96
Simple Stash Indica15% THC$99.99
Stash City Sensi Star16.4% THC$119.99

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.