Deer Lake Hybrid Cannabis

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Pre-Rolled Joints

BeeBomb 3 x 0.5g16.6% THC$16.52
Captain Cooked 3 x 0.5g15.2% THC$17.39
Dealer's Pick Hybrid 1 x 1.0g
18.46% THC$8.95
Edison Mac-1 3 x 0.5g19.2% THC$19.18
Emerald Health Grapefruit GG1 7 x 0.5g17.4% THC$31.50
Eve & Co. The Confidant 5 x 0.5g17.3% THC$17.99
Eve & Co. The Lover 5 x 0.5g17.91% THC$17.99
FIGR CBD Shark6.2% THC / 11.1% CBD$17.49
Good Supply Monkey Glue 3 x 0.33g17.95% THC $9.56
Highland Cherry Burst 3 x 0.5g
23.2% THC
HiWay Killer Queen 1 x 0.5g15.09% THC $4.31
HiWay The Flav 1 x 0.5g13.15% THC$4.31
Houseplant Hybrid 2 x 0.5g14% THC$10.99
Newfie Bullet 3 x 0.5g17% THC$16.95
Route 440 3 x 0.5g16.6% THC$16.52
SLF White Widow 3 x 0.5g14.69% THC$11.99
Solei Balance 3 x 0.33g7.06% THC / 12.93% CBD$11.30
Solei Sense 3 x 0.33g19.3 % THC$11.30
Tropic Thunder 14x0.5g18.7% THC$42.05
Tweed Skunk Haze 3 x 0.5g8% THC / 7% CBD$12.99
Vinland Diesel 3 x 0.5g19.5% THC$17.39
Wild Cove Smoke Sting 3 x 0.5g20.9% THC$17.95


Oils – Sprays – Capsules – Edibles – Beverages

Aurora Drift Citrus Shot 45ml10mg THC$6.99
Aurora Drift Peppermint Chillers 3g10mg THC$5.99
Aurora Drift Spearmint Chillers 3g10mg THC$5.99
Charlotte's Angel 30ml1mg/ml THC / 25mg/ml CBD$37.99
Daily Special Balanced Capsule 30 x 2.5mg2.6mg THC / 3.4mg CBD$25.07
Daily Special Caramel Milk Chocolate Square 1 x 10mg10mg THC$5.99
Daily Special Caramel Milk Mocha Chocolate Square 1 x 10mg10mg THC$5.99
Daily Special CBD Capsule 30 x 10mg0.2mg THC / 9.4mg CBD$31.54
Edison Byte-Milk Chocolate 10mg
10mg THC
Edison CBD Oil 25ml
1mg THC / 11mg CBD
Emerald Health Therapeutics SYNC 25 CBD Oil 20ml
1mg THC / 24.9mg CBD
Emerald SYNC 15 CBD Mint Chocolate + Linalool Oil 20ml0.7mg THC / 16.1mg CBD$15.99
Emerald SYNC 30 THC Mango + Myrcene Oil 20ml30mg THC$32.90
Emerald SYNC 100 CBD2.8mg THC / 100.9mg CBD$82.60
FIGR Go Chill THC Oil 27g20mg THC$44.99
FIGR Go Easy Mixed Berry CBD Oil 27g1.5mg THC / 10mg CBD$28.99
Good Supply THC 30:030mg THC / <0.28mg CBD$39.99
Haven St. No. 150 Peace Tea Bag (1 Pack)1mg THC / 20mg CBD$5.99
Quatreau Blueberry + Acai 355ml2mg THC / 2mg CBD$4.49
Quatreau Cucumber + Mint 355ml1mg THC / 20mg CBD$4.49
Quatreau Ginger + Lime 355ml2mg THC / 2mg CBD$4.49
Quatreau Passionfruit + Guava 355ml1mg THC / 20mg CBD$4.49
Ripple by TGOD Dissolvable THC:CBD Powder 10mg1mg THC / 10mg CBD$12.99
Solei Balance+ 15:15 30ml15.54mg THC / 15.35mg CBD$39.99
Solei Free 30ml0.4mg THC / 10.14 CBD$19.99
Solei Free Oral Spray 15ml24.7mg THC / 1.14mg CBD
Solei Free Plus+ 1:30 30ml1.12mg THC / 27.85mg CBD
Solei Gather Oral Spray 15ml
25.44mg THC 0.27mg CBD
Solei Renew CBN Oil 30ml
10.21mg THC / 0.57mg CBD
Solei Unplug Oil 30ml
10.18mg THC
Sugar Leaf Strawberry Peach Gummies 4 x 2.5mg2.5mg THC$7.78
Sync Tabs - Cherry
10 x 10mg
100mg THC$21.65
Sync Tabs - Mint
10 x 10mg
100mg THC$21.65
Trailblazer Mint Snax Bar 1 x 10mg10mg THC$5.99
Trailblazer Snax Milk Chocolate Bar 1 x 10mg10mg THC$5.99
Twd. Balanced Oil Spray 20ml
10mg THC / 10mg CBD
Tweed CBD Capsules 15 x 20mg1mg THC / 20mg CBD$32.99
Tweed CBD Capsules 30 x 10mg1mg THC / 10mg CBD$32.99
Tweed CBD Oil Spray 20ml1.05mg THC / 21.1mg CBD$23.99
Tweed Penelope Capsules 15 x 10mg10mg THC / 7mg CBD$24.99
Tweed Penelope Oil 20ml25mg THC / 18mg CBD$31.99
Verywell Exhale Drops 30ml0.4mg THC / 14mg CBD$60.86
XMG Mango Pineapple 236ml10mg THC$7.82
XMG Tropical Fruit 236ml10mg THC$7.82
XMG Watermelon 236ml10mg THC$7.82

Single Grams

Captain Cooked15.0% THC$11.99
CBeeD0.01% THC / 11.56% CBD$11.49
Cherry Burst
25.2% THC
Newfie Bullet17% THC$11.50
Route 44016.6% THC$10.50
Vinland Diesel19.5% THC$11.50

3.5 Grams

7ACRES Jean Guy
18.1% THC
7ACRES White Widow
17.27% THC
Balmoral21% THC$27.99
Beebomb16.66% THC$33.79
Broken Coast - Ruxton22.8% THC$43.46
Broken Coast - Saturna25.1% THC$43.46
Captain Cooked15.2% THC$34.94
Cherry Burst24.1% THC$39.99
Crooked Dory - White Rhino21.2% THC$22.99
Dealer’s Pick Hybrid
19.87% THC
Delta 9 Electric Punch20.1% THC$25.38
Delta 9 Lemon Skunk16.4% THC$22.84
Delta 9 Space Cake18.85% THC$25.38
Edison Mac-121.7% THC$36.67
Eve & Co. The Enthusiast19.37% THC$22.99
Gaelic Fire24.6% THC$39.99
Grapefruit GG117.9% THC$31.50
Haven St. Noisy Neighbour24.8% THC$32.36
Ness - Gelato Mint
23.07% THC$29.00
Ness - Lemon Berry20.5% THC34.77
Newfie Bullet17% THC$34.94
No. 421 Twilight20.15% THC$32.36
Original Stash Hybrid17.94% THC$19.99
RIFF Hell Cat 3320.31% THC$30.00
RIFF Two-Tone Ban18.2% THC$26.99
Sea Breeze20.74% THC$28.44
Solei Balance
8.83% THC / 15.34% CBD$24.99
Sour Kush19.6% THC$24.99
Twd. Balanced
8.74% THC / 13.2% CBD
White Lightning
25.7% THC

5 Grams

None Available

7 Grams

7ACRES Jean Guy
18.03% THC$53.99
Delta 9 Spacecake16.14% THC$46.68
Delta 9 Stargazer15.08% THC$42.12
Highland Grow Mendo Sunset21.8% THC$69.99
Shred Gnarberry18.1% THC$39.99
Solei Sense17.2% THC$44.99
Whiteout18.99 % THC$46.68

10-15 Grams

AAA Hybrid 14g17.46% THC$60.84

28 Grams

Crooked Dory - White Rhino 21.2% THC$124.99
Original Stash 11017.43% THC$123.48

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.