Deer Lake Concentrates

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Broken Coast Up in the Sky Wax 1g73.69% THC$74.99
Canna Farms B.C. Hash Rosin 0.5g69.4% THC$30.99
Canna Farms B.C. Live Rosin 0.5g71.2% THC$38.49
Crooked Dory Chemdawg Indica Wax 1g79.7% THC$34.25
Crooked Dory Mandarin Cookies Hybrid Wax 1g79.15% THC$34.25
Delta 9 Sapphire Kief 2g29.9% THC$20.30
Good Supply Good Ol' Hash 2g30.50% THC$27.95
Good Supply Jean Guy Kief 1g33.65% THC$16.99
Highly Dutch Afghan Black Hash 1g40.49% THC$25.99
Highly Dutch Afghan Black Hash 2g25.93% THC$38.99
Highly Dutch Marrakech Gold Hash 1g39.82% THC$25.99
Highly Dutch Marrakech Gold Hash 2g29.3% THC$39.99
O.S Blonde Sativa Hash 2g34.87% THC$29.99
O.S. Hybrid Dry Sift Hash 2g27.49% THC$48.49
OG Chemdawg Live Resin 1g70% THC$51.55
OS. Klik Blue Dream Distillate Dosing Pen 1g75.41% THC$42.99
OS. Klik Durban Distillate Dosing Pen 1g75.22% THC$42.99
OS. Klik Trainwreck Distillate Dosing Pen 1g75.83% THC$42.99
Premium 5 N40 Blackberry Punch Hash Rosin 0.5g72.77% THC$34.77
Premium 5 THCa Diamonds Resin 0.5g84.6% THC$27.82
Pura Vida Sativa Honey Oil 1g76.8% THC$34.78
Pure Vida Indica Honey Oil 1g71.4% THC$34.78
RAD Hybrid Crumble Wax 1g76.59% THC$34.77
RAD Hybrid Shatter 1g74.57% THC$34.77
RAD Indica Crumble Wax 1g76.60% THC$34.77
RAD Indica Shatter 1g75.60% THC$34.77
RAD Live Oversupply Resin 1g70.55% THC$34.78
RAD Sativa Crumble Wax 1g74.77% THC$34.77
RAD Sativa Shatter 1g71.04% THC$34.77
Seaweed Seeds 5pcs$39.99

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.