Clarenville Concentrates

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Hiway Hash 2g30.8% THC $30.42
Sapphire Keif 2g27.62% THC / 0.01% CBD $20.30
Good Ol'Hash 2g31.2% THC / 0.07% CBD$27.95
Afghan Black Hash 1g40.5% THC $25.99
OS. Hash Indica 2g30.9% THC / 0.01% CBD$29.99
OS. Hash Sativa 2g31.69% THC / 0.1% CBD$29.99
Jean Guy Kief Sativa 1g33.2% THC / 0.15% CBD $16.99
Broken Coast Stargazer Wax 1g72.4& THC / 1.37% CBD$74.99
Broken Coast Up in the Sky Wax 1g73.6% THC / 0.94% CBD$74.99
Afghan Black Hash 2g28.9% THC$38.99
Train and Wreck Dosing Pen75.9% THC / 0.2% CBD$42.99
OS Hash Hybrid 2g18.8% THC / 1.06% CBD$25.00
OS Klik Blue Dream Dosing Pen75.4% THC / 0.1% CBD$42.99
Marrakech Hash 1g40.9% THC $25.99
Marrakech Hash 2g29.5% THC$45.99
BC Bubble Hash56.6 % THC$ 27.99
THCA Diamonds 0.5g84.4 % THC$27.81
Pura Vida Sativa Honey Oil 1g76.8 % THC / 4 % CBD$34.78
Pura Vida Indica Honey Oil 1g71.4 % THC / 4 % CBD$34.78
Rad Shatter Indica 1g75.61% THC $34.77
Rad Shatter Sativa 1g72.19% THC / 0.14% CBD$34.77
Rad Shatter Hybrid 1g72.19% THC / 0.14% CBD$34.77
Crooked Dory Indica Wax 1g79.7% THC / 0.42% CBD$34.77
Crooked Dory Hybrid Wax 1g79.15% THC $34.77
OG Chemdawg Live Resin 70 % THC$51.54
Seaweed Northern Lights 5pk. SeedsAuto Fem$ 39.99
Crooked Dory Bubble Hash Sativa 2g.37.3 % THC$ 30.99

Product subject to change based on availability. Prices do not include tax.